#Famous – poetry

Famous, instantaneous, happened over night now I’m in the lime light.

Needed to be, needed right now, five foot tall in the crowd but they want me to speak loud.

They following me, not leaving me be, I signed up for the money the power but I gave away whats free.

I’m making people smile, when they spending their money I’m making it their worthwhile. 

Staying ahead of the game, I’m making the rules not serving my ego but serving the youth. 

Making plans for a brighter future, planting seeds, speaking to inspire, leaving a legacy because I’m being me. 

Now you be you, know that you can change the world if you really want to. I mean your changing it now being here in the position your in is effecting everything. Stay aware of your power and don’t let no one take it from you or another.


Death – you earnt your answer!Ā 

Do we just die and expect nothing to exist in the afterlife? 

I’m not an atheist nor am I religious; I do like to stay awake at night and imagine if I hear a noise it’s a ghost with some divine insight on how to live my life better but I’m constantly disappointed and hear nothing nor see anything. I don’t doubt there might be something there but my receptors must not be set to “spirit view”.

Then it makes me think. Am I just led to believe that something exist? is it comfort to know that when I die, there may be a hang out with all the cool cats and family that have gone before me.

Are they preparing the next world like they prepared this world for me before I was born.

I can find comfort in those ideas but not assurance as no one ever has died and returned to share their discoveries with me. 

I guess when I die, I will have earnt the right to find out and maybe be laughing to myself when I start to realize life is eternal in two distinctively different ways. 

When you want to be heard šŸ™Š

Creative, artistic, imagination.

With words you can inspire a person, a group, a town, a nation, a world. If not this world, a world that is not yet written.

Say yes to life, say yes.

Prepare. Prepare and be fair, do not over commit to others because you will lose sight of who you are. 



Reflect. Reflect because when you become lost and are seeking guidance the only person who will have the answer is you. You reflect in order to never forget where you are going.



Why. Why is the greatest question you will ever ask. There always is a why, Thank-fully there is also an answer for every Why we ask.



Commit. Commit because action is the greatest force known to me. It’s the greatest because the idea began from nothing and was created from nothing. Energy is self created, a force in itself and that makes you the greatest inventor. Unique.



Latent. Latent because no one will ever know your full potential. The journey in your life will reach the pinnacle of your expectations at the same time you become aware of the power you hold. Only then you will realize your potentential and you will also recognize the time you were latent. 



Rest. Rest because that is the law of life. Find your winter, take that time to rest, in that time you recover and become better. There will be plenty of time for growth. 



Share. Share because I want to hear your thoughts. How can I become better for myself, and for you. 

Poetry – I come with a gift

It’s been a few years since I saw you last,

My beard has grown and my income is sparse.

Life has been cruel and my luck has not turned,

Only one thing I have is of heavens worth.

Reach out your hand and in turn take my own,

In my palm is a seed. Now yours to grow.

This seed is not magic nor ordinary,

But no soil or sun is part of its caring.

It grows with ideas, dreams and adventures,

Yet will not sprout with fear, insults or hurt.

I see inside you a heart that is gold,

Unlike myself, no more shine now I am old.

Make the most of this gift, don’t let it go to waste,

There is more heaven on earth in the seedling minds place. 


Nothing could be more tortuous to a life then routine. 

What does life consist of to you? is it looking for excitement? fun? new experiences? a sense of adventure? to me these are all the ingredients to life and nothing challenges this belief more then routine.

Going to bed every night at the same time. Getting up and going to work, to sit in the same traffic to get stopped by the same traffic lights. To fulfill the same work to get your same wage. Routine is something we all must encounter at points in our life. We do this at school and it trains us to to do this as adults.

I’m sure this is the kind of #alienation Marx was talking about in his writings.
So I am rebelling against routine today! I am breaking the mold as if today to me is routine free national holiday. I will live life by the cuff and sit on the edge of new boundaries. These new experiences may ultimately become my new routine but with reflection and the power to change things; I will constantly be in a state of flow and adaption. 
Today shall be fun!
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“Everyone is dying; some just get there quicker then others.” 

Now let’s get this right as soon as we are born we begin to die. So death ultimately has an unbeknown connection with us from the start. 

What I find interesting about this little conundrum is the bodies ability to keep us alive. Our bodies work, strive, and constantly try to keep us in a happy,healthy state of body and if we are fortunate enough we live a long, illness free life. So what is it about illness that is so important to title a blog about? it’s awareness!

Illness automatically creates awareness and delivers to the brain – apart from a million oh my god I want to die messages, that it needs to change something either being lifestyle, eating habits, or mindset. 

So the next time you are feeling like a tornado is tearing through your body, embrace it. Have the knowledge that you are improving the immune system, your lifestyle and mind in order for you to continue to be healthy. 
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“The terrible things in life, just like the good, have the ability to be  perfectly timed for any occasion.” – rossolosophy

Would you say your life is pre-determined and all that has to come has already been laid out for you? 

I am not of this belief, I believe life gives you a #choice and with that choice only certain situations can occur. 

If we role play you can see how I may be wrong. the story begins with you being in your room and you see this storm appear, from this point the storm becomes more fierce and a hurricane develops. Being at a safe distance you observe some more and see it leave a trail of destruction in its path and as it destroys everything it leaves one house untouched; not a tile lifted or a piece of grass disturbed from its roots. 

If we look at this storm from the beginning we have to accept that a series of perfectly timed variables needed to co-operate and be present for the storm to turn into a hurricane. 

“Even the most destructive forces are a sign of perfection.”

Now if we return to the untouched house, are we to say that this is a miracle? how can something destroy everything in its path but leave a house untouched? we have to assume that the timing of the purchase of land and the building of the property and house were also apart of that same perfection. 

My opinion that we make our own choices does not stand in good faith with this example shown but I continue to believe we make our own choice on the view that we are the starting point of the chain of events called life that may be beautifully destructive or perfectly evasive. We just shouldn’t decide whether one is better or worse. It is all the way it should regardless of the way you feel at the moment. 

I will give this more #reflection in the #future. 

And consider the timing, if you come across this #story 
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